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In social media, sparks fly fast to spot like-minded prospects and new potential revenue streams when smart biz owners work closely with their digital marketers.  What should they discuss?  The best/worst characteristics of a lifetime customer.  This is a social media strategy that leverages traditional and online marketing.  It plays an important role in recognizing early adopters, potential new customers  and the rainmakers.

Gathering customer data is fairly simple.  This presentation from Harvard Business Review describes a textbook case of how to measure lifetime value. The tool, however, lacks what to do next.  Here are ideas to evolve your marketing outreach:

  • Target users with an eye toward viral
  • Transform habits and identify behavior patterns
  • Design landing pages for quality lead generation
  • Personalize contextual messages
  • Create effective product launches and media presentations
  • Listen to chatter with an “eye and ear” toward lifetime value in your buying cycle

A good social media marketer listens intently.  They formulate responses, have relevant discussions, react carefully, reward behavior and follow up.  Knowing your best customer characteristics and integrating “active listening” in social media can ramp up intelligence fed to your marketing, sales and development teams.  The responsibility is accomplished with intelligence and intuition, so the person you choose knows how to plan for success using customer data, monitoring discussions, interpreting dialogue, and recommending ideas to keep prospect pipelines open – which can lead to increased revenue, customer loyalty and lifetime value — priceless in a company’s long term.