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Press Releases No Longer a Marketing Luxury

Here’s an excerpt of a 2014 Business Wire Media Survey that will help you to better understand how journalists cover your organization in today’s digital and social world.

With knowledge of these results, professional communicators, like me, can identify the latest preferred content sources and online newsroom needs, and then act to produce and provide content that will enhance your media relations programs.

The survey shows that journalists have specific content needs and turn to trusted sources for corporate news.  They use metrics to evaluate their stories, providing PR pros with a road map to more effectively develop, distribute and share content.  More than 50% of journalists said the number of page views was a chief metric for their stories, along with 42% saying social media activity and 24% the comments they get.

Demonstrating the enduring value of press releases, 89% of journalists surveyed used a press release within the last week. Nearly 75% preferred graphics or infographs in the release and 70% wanted photographs.

Reporters also turn to newswires regularly, with 70% identifying Business Wire and 66% identifying PR Newswire. Conversely, reporters overwhelmingly don’t want to be pitched on social media, with negative responses to pitches hitting 90% for Facebook, 88% for Google+, 83% for Twitter and 75% for LinkedIn.

Online Newsrooms

According to the survey, more than 90% of reporters use an organization’s main or corporate website as a top source, with nearly 80% using your online newsroom ahead of social media networks, blogs, trade publications and other sources.

2014 graphic by Business News Wire depicting the percentages of places journalists go to find your company news.

2014 graphic by Business News Wire depicting the percentages of places journalists go to find your company news.

While press releases are the preferred content type by nearly 90% of reporters surveyed, fewer than one in 10 want press releases to appear in only PDF format, with more than half preferring HTML/text format.

Reporters also want access to archival content and the ability to search one to five years of historical news. More than 60% are also receptive to brand-published content.

Survey: 2014 Business Wire Full Media Report –

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