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Rethink the Value of PR – Smart Biz Owners Quiz

Smart biz owners teach all employees how to be good marketers, not just the team that’s hired to do the work.

Can you answer “yes” to these questions?

  • Does your sales and service team know how to tell a good story? Hopefully, your marketing team does, but it’s not enough!
  • Do you have a strategy in place to spread viral news? In less than 5 hours a week, you can add social media marketing to boost viral awareness.
  • Are there 5 good case studies today that showcase the true benefits of your product or service?  Do you effectively use these stories to generate qualified leads for sales?   
  • Is your website content optimized to meet prospective buyers for the first, second or third visit?
  • Do you leverage public relations to work with all teams to get maximum impact from your marketing program?

If yes, good for you! 

If no, then maybe its time to rethink the value of public relations. It’s the spoke in the marketing, sales and service wheel that keeps news fresh and employees energized to tell a great story about your company. 

When you combine marketing, PR and social media you get much more bang for your buck and a lasting impact for your products.

Are you ready to get to work?


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